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Establish, build, and transition
your wealth, someday.

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Most people agree that…

You need to budget, save, and manage your finances if you want to live and retire well.
It’s uncertain any of us have what it takes to live our greatest dreams.
We also fear what we don’t know.
You ought to live a life that matters and leave a legacy that makes a difference.
You should be able to work with an advisor that understands you as much as they do all things financial.

“You could see the whole picture…

Sometimes I couldn’t believe how many ideas you brought to us that we never would’ve given thought to.”

– Gerrie Reid, family business leader, proud of her husband and the rest of her family’s work and missing them much

Gerrie Reid is a current client of Note and was not compensated for providing this testimonial.

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Who are our best clients?

  • Business owners (especially when your business is your retirement plan)
  • People building a life that matters and a legacy that makes a difference
  • High-performing professionals
  • Families seeking to preserve multi-generational wealth

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We help you think through and execute…

  • Custom financial plans
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Risk management
  • Budgeting
  • Investment Planning
  • Company sponsored 401k/retirement Plans
  • Retirement Planning