Our clients pay attention to our work

I’m not scared anymore…

I think I used to be fearful. I almost didn’t want to look at it, because then I’d have to confront the things I didn’t want to confront within myself.”

– Alicia Kay, licensed trauma counselor, certified life coach, business owner, inspiring single mother, living by her mantra of “stop, pause, and pray”, confident in her empowered decision-making

“I do feel really empowered now to plan for my future…

Money doesn’t feel like something scary. And I’m able to now that I’ve discovered my core values, I can keep that in mind more so than operating from a fear-based perspective.”

– Chelsea Haines, artist, Manhattan-living, marathon-running millennial, embracing the power of choice by letting go of fear surrounding money

It’s almost like you get into our head…

‘Okay, where are they at now, the Pawenskis? Well, they’re retired now and they want to preserve their assets for fun stuff for them. So how do we do that?’ And you come prepared to tell me that every time.”

– Pamela Pawenski, wife, mom, and happy retiree. So proud of her family and loving traveling and spending more time with them.

“I’ve always felt that you cared…

You cared about me and my situations and my family. Not just for doing business together, but to be a friend as well.”

– Diane Justinger, semi-retired, mom, friend, as sweet and warm as the summer sun, never says “no” to something fresh and fun

“Angela was someone my parents found easy to communicate and work with…

She was very professional and very thorough and very respectful and that resonated with my parents especially. She quickly gained their trust and that was a really key part of this process.”

– Dan Henry, 5th generation leader in agriculture, extraordinarily sensitive to the needs of family, navigated significant change in a century-old business

“Note is perfect for you guys…

Because you do take note. You do pay attention to the detail. You do make us feel like we are valuable and important. And when you say you’re going to do something, every ‘I’ is dotted, every ‘T’ is crossed.”

– Gerrie Reid, family business leader, proud of her husband and the rest of her family’s work and missing them much

“When we come in…

For our meetings with Note, they’re well aware of everything that’s going on with my business, my family life, and that type of stuff. That’s important to me and probably to them to make decisions for us.”

– Mark Strub, family man, mentor, always mindful of who depends on him and his business

“Navigating the choppy waters…

It was very helpful to have your knowledge to navigate that for us. Whether it would be family because it was sold as a family business. Whether it would be family dynamics. Or just navigating the banks.”

– Tim Mulvey, husband/teammate, construction company co-leader, passed the baton and loving the results

“The biggest surprise…

I never, ever thought really to look at my parents’ spending habits or what their relationship with money was like and how much it really reflected who I am as a person.”

– Greg & Laura Beatty, married, deliberately self-aware, pursuing their eudemonia with vigor

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