Wealth & Legacy Coaching

Own your well-being. Live your legacy.

One-on-one wealth coaching that helps you achieve both.

A wealth coach is different from a financial advisor.

Both are experts in helping you improve your financial life, but the approaches are quite different. To achieve what you truly want, you should be working with both.

“The biggest surprise…

I never, ever thought really to look at my parents’ spending habits or what their relationship with money was like and how much it really reflected who I am as a person.”

– Greg & Laura Beatty, married, deliberately self-aware, pursuing their eudemonia with vigor

Greg and Laura Beatty are current clients of Note and were not compensated for providing this testimonial.

True wealth isn’t about being rich.
It’s about being well.

The more you build, the harder this seems to be.

When you work with a wealth coach…

  • Focus is placed on achieving and maintaining a state of well-being
  • You learn to appreciate (not judge) your circumstances
  • You release conflict and experience greater happiness (financially and in life)
  • You define what matters most to you, allowing you to live by your core values each day
  • You begin making decisions with clarity and confidence

Wealth coaching is about…

  • Self-empowered decision making
  • Seeing yourself clearly through healthy relationships with your money, your work, and the people you care about
  • Having open conversations about money and life by the undoing of fear and judgement
  • Sustainable, guided self-transformation

Direct your wealth.
Or it will direct you.

You are capable of making great decisions resulting in an unshakeable sense of well-being. You can think and see clearly. You can decide confidently. You can live your legacy with ease and enthusiasm. No matter what.

“So I feel like it was really the perfect time to go through this…

And again, starting with the more emotional aspect felt like the perfect way to bridge the next step of financial advisement.”

– Chelsea Haines, artist, Manhattan-living, marathon-running millennial, embracing the power of choice by letting go of fear surrounding money

Chelsea Haines is a current client of Note and was not compensated for providing this testimonial.

“After our first meeting…

I just knew that it was something I needed to do.”

– Alicia Kay, licensed trauma counselor, certified life coach, business owner, inspiring single mother, living by her mantra of “stop, pause, and pray”, confident in her empowered decision-making

Alicia Kay is a current client of Note and was not compensated for providing this testimonial.

Coaching that promotes your ongoing well-being, allowing you to experience true happiness.