Wealth Coaching

What you believe about yourself and money drives everything.

“I’m the only one.”

That’s one of the biggest myths folks believe. Maybe you’re fabulously successful. The numbers say you’re in great shape. But you have a hard time believing it.

Or maybe you feel overwhelmed by the idea of making a plan, creating a budget, saving for retirement, putting your kids through college. You can’t bear to even look at the numbers. You know your decision-making isn’t healthy.

You’re not the only one.

A solid financial plan can get your numbers to a healthy place and keep them there. But you can’t plan well if you can’t make healthy choices. And even a good plan is only as good as your ability to follow it.

If you want better decision-making, you can’t just “try harder.”

You have to dig deep into what you believe about money. Only healthy beliefs produce consistently healthy decision-making. And confident decision-makers can adapt even when circumstances change. You can start with the money types quiz. Those types pull back the curtain on what you believe about yourself and your relationship with money. From there, we can have a complimentary conversation about what wealth coaching might look like for you.

Pursuing eudemonia means true human flourishing.

You decide what you really want in life, in finance, and for the people you love. You get there by pairing wealth coaching with a strong financial plan and an advocate who’s looking out for you. The plan lays out a path toward your goals. Wealth coaching empowers you to make consistently healthy choices as you walk that path. No more doubt. No more self-judgment. No more second-guessing everything you do.

The gift of choice is the most powerful gift we have. Wealth coaching will help you be confident in using yours.

Alicia Kay is a current client of Note and was not compensated for providing this testimonial.

I’m not scared anymore…

I think I used to be fearful. I almost didn’t want to look at it, because then I’d have to confront the things I didn’t want to confront within myself.”

– Alicia Kay, licensed trauma counselor, certified life coach, business owner, inspiring single mother, living by her mantra of “stop, pause, and pray”, confident in her empowered decision-making