It’s all about the plan.

We think there’s a better way.

Your investments are a tool to help you get somewhere. Where you want to go is way more important! Every firm worth a dime has an investment committee (we’re pretty proud of ours). We think our financial planning committee is much more interesting: our whole team working together to help you plan. And that financial plan includes everything:

  • What you value
  • Where you want to be in 3 years, 15 years, 40 years
  • Who you need to take care of
  • And yes: the investments needed to get there.

How do we choose which investments to offer you? We’re not leaving the decisions to a big investment banker in an ivory tower somewhere. Our in-house investment committee meets every week to talk through market trends and dig deeper into the headlines. We also keep an eye on expense ratios, yields, turnover, inception, returns, and other boring financial stuff (so you don’t have to).

If an investment isn’t achieving it’s objective and meeting our strict standards, we won’t include it in your portfolio.

If we wouldn’t want ourselves, our families and our friends invested in a particular fund, we don’t want you, our valued client, invested in it either.

Your investment portfolio needs to work.

It doesn’t need to be flashy. And it shouldn’t leave you at the mercy of the twists and turns of the market. That’s why you have a plan after all. Even then, every time the market turns volatile, we get calls from our friends and clients. “What should we do?” That’s just the human thing to do. We see you.

You should be investing as one part of a bigger plan: relentlessly pursuing your eudemonia. Because we believe what you give your attention to makes all the difference.

“You could see the whole picture…

Sometimes I couldn’t believe how many ideas you brought to us that we never would’ve given thought to.”

– Gerrie Reid, family business leader, proud of her husband and the rest of her family’s work and missing them much

Gerrie Reid is a current client of Note and was not compensated for providing this testimonial.