Your employees deserve a bright future. So do you.

Everybody wants the retirement, but nobody wants the plan.

You care about your employees, but I bet you don’t wake up stoked to manage their retirement plans. The thing you know and love is your business.

Don’t tell yourself you’ll “figure it out” next year.

You won’t. You have better things to focus on. A Pooled Employer Plan is an easy way to show your employees you care about them and their future. And if you’ve already set up a plan for your employees, we can partner with you to help continuing enrollment and training.

We’re your retirement plan pathfinders.

We’ll help you execute a retirement plan that enables your employees to reach their life goals. We’ll make sure your existing plan (or any new plan we help with) meets the requirements of the NYS Secure Choice Act. We’ll help you follow the law, but you and your employees should be Living Well. We’ll assist by enrolling your employees in the plan, offering annual training so you stay in-the-know about your responsibilities as the plan sponsor, and being here as a resource for you and your employees when any concern comes up.

The New York 401k landscape is…messy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the NYS Secure Choice Act mean for my business?
NYS requires employers with 10+ employees to have a retirement plan or utilize the NYS plan.

How long does it take to set up a retirement plan if I don’t have one yet (or want to convert the one I do have?)
It can take 90 days to set up a retirement plan. If you have less time to dedicate to figure it out, it can take much longer. We can help.

What are Safe Harbor options?
Safe Harbor options help the plan benefit everyone who participates, including matching contributions. 

Are there any tax credits to assist in setting up a new retirement plan?
Yes! We’d love to help you see if you qualify.